This is- Poemy DOT net. Where the P comes before the o, the e before the m, etc .etc. etc.! Where Graham Chapman, the first to die - so, naturally the best..

I've heared that already.

Right you have.

Now about your site name, how is it pronounced?

Like this: Po-emmie.

Poe- my.

PO- emmieee- Like Ho! Ho!.. Something Santa Clause might say.

POE- meee..

Almost! Now move the 'e', the first 'e', next to the 'm' and the second 'e' at- the end. Oh and don't forget the 'i' before the second 'e'.

Right, I got it.

Then say it.

I'd rather not.

(Web Author's note: A fan.)

email: monty@poemy.net

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Hold on a minute!.. Where you from?

What kind of question is that?

Well obviously I'm bored.. I'm on this bloody site to begin with.

Well, if you insist..

I do! .. I must know!- must know.. Names I know.. places- I don't.

.. Oh- the states. Yes, yes..

I'm not a politician- merely a peasant!

No watery tart threw a sword at me either.. Cheers mate!

Listen, lad, I built this website up from nothing. All I had when I started- was shit ... Other webmasters said I was daft to build a website on shit, but I built it all the same ... just to show 'em. It sank into shit. So I built a another one ... that sank into shit. I built another one ... That fell over and THEN sank into shit .... So I built another ... and that stayed up. ... And that's what your gonna get, lad: the most powerful website on this side of the coast- to browse and enjoy.

But I don't want any of that, I'd rather ...

Rather what-? .. Oh, not THAT again..

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