And now- Christopher's Punctured Romance...

"Christopher's Punctured Romance." Help!, ed. Harvey Kurtzman (May 1965). With John Cleese as Christopher Barrel, Cindy Young as Wilma Barrel; photographer Martin Iger. Rpt. in Kim "Howard" Johnson's The First 20X Years of Monty Python (New York: Python Productions Ltd, 1989), pp. 29-43.

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THE STORY: Christopher Barrel, suffering from ennui, comes home from work exhausted and bored to be waited on by his lovely, perfect-in-all-ways doll of a wife, who fixes him a drink. He finds his daughter's new Barbie doll and falls in love with it. At night he slips away from Wilma and undresses Barbie, admires her "things", and then (censored). Next day he can think of nothing but Barbie at work. He comes home to find Ken in Barbie's closet and is outraged. He struggles with his fantasy and finally decides to apologize to Wilma for his infidelity. But in approaching her on the couch he trips over another box, this one containing "The Visible Woman", which so sets him a-whirl with a new fantasy that he never apologizes. In "The Barbie Complex", real plastic is preferred to human alternatives.

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